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Welcome to the year 2807, the frontier of mankind's venture into space and the beginnings of new role playing adventures.

This is where the developing stages of my Dark Heresy skin will be posted. It is still coming along, and the amount of stuff that I have put together is starting to get unwieldy to manage in just folders. So, to keep track of the difference between the more finalized portions of the game and the parts that still need a lot of work I decided to put the completed sections on a wiki.

Look around and stuff, ask me if you have any questions. If anything is really confusing, let me know so I can explain it or fix it.

I know most of you probably forgot that I was doing this little project, but I still appreciate you guys wanting to at least play some beta.


Also, I don't own... any of the photos on the site. Just sayin'. Anything on this site is not intended to be sold or used for commercial purposes under any circumstances.






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Corporations and Companies

Mercenary Outfits

Non-Player Characters


Character Building

Dark Nova and You

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Playing the Game


Stats of NPC Units and Vehicles

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